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Create a Meal Package

Size Guide

By creating a meal package you will receive a selection of meals from the weekly menu. 

To create a custom meal package follow these steps;

1. Select the size of meal you would like (Light, Active or Extra)

2. Select if you would like this to be a one time order or a subscription order (you can manage your subscriptions in your online account, see Subscription FAQ's for more information)

3. Select the quantity of meals you would like delivered each week by adjusting the 'Quantity Field'

For example - if the size you select is 'light', you choose to 'subscribe every 1 week' and the 'Quantity' is 10, you will receive 10 light meals from the weekly menu every week until you suspend or cancel your order. 

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Size Chart

Our individual meals come in two sizes - remember to select your size variant